Transparent. Independent. Ethical.


From their inception, the FCT and FCT 1e have attached paramount importance to establishing an organisation and rules of behaviour based on the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics (compliance with the ASIP Charter and Directive and consideration of the highest environmental, social and governance criteria). To guide its long-term development in keeping with this commitment, it has defined the following reference framework and guiding principles :




We are an efficient, responsible and progressive collective foundation for occupational pensions. Our goal is to protect Insureds and their dependents from a decline in income due to old age, disability or death. Thanks to our open architecture and our spirit of transparency and partnership, we address the multiple needs of companies and their employees in a committed and independent manner.


Our ambition is to be a benchmark for occupational benefits institutions throughout Switzerland, responding to the constant changes in occupational pensions by providing dependable, flexible and innovative solutions for our Insureds. We are convinced that our tailored approach is the answer to these challenges.


All our activities are governed by the core values of the FCT and the FCT 1e, which reflect the ethos that underpins all our endeavours.  These values guide our strategic decision-making and drive our development. They are at the heart of everything we do.


We promote transparent and direct communication as well as an ongoing exchange with our clients, Insureds, the authorities and partners. All data of our clients and Insureds on pension provision, their personal situation and the management of their assets is accessible at any time on our secure platform.


Thanks to our entrepreneurial vision and our long-standing experience, we are able to adapt constantly and proactively to meet the challenges of pension provision for the benefit of our clients and Insureds.


We pursue our mission with conviction, enthusiasm and determination with every respect for our partners and the societal values. We strive for lasting and strong relationships with our clients and Insureds, based on partnership and mutual trust.


Our goal is to deliver outstanding performance. The unremitting search for excellence and a rigorous organisation in terms of governance and risk management are a lived reality at our company. We conduct ourselves with integrity and commitment, master all aspects of occupational pensions applicable to Switzerland and actively promote their further development.


By placing the management of the Foundation in the hands of the Insureds, we are completely independent and free of conflicts of interest. Our unique model allows us to offer Affiliated Companies the solutions that suit them best thanks to the diversity and flexibility of an open architecture.