General Assembly in German-speaking Switzerland - 2015

General Assembly for the companies affiliated to our foundation: on the 24th September 2015 at the Zurich University of Teacher Education

Part 1: General Assembly and presentation of the 2014 annual accounts

presented by Ms Isabelle Amschwand (Chair of the Collective Foundation) and Reto Staeheli (Trianon AG)

Part 2: Training Seminar

presented by the following speakers : 

  • Ms Christine Tomassi, lawyer at the Cantonal Supervisory Authority for Foundations and Pension Institutions (ASFIP Geneva), "Role and responsibilities of the supervisory authority".
  • Mr. Philippe G. Müller, CIO UBS Analyst, Managing Director, "Negative Interest Rates: Impact on Investors
  • Mr Daniel Stürzinger, Trianon AG, "Responsibility of the Board of Trustees and Management Committees"
  • Mr. Peter Zanella, Towers Watson AG, "Flexible Annuity Model"